7 Hot Sex Games To Play With Your Partner

Did you just notice that your partner is losing his/her sense of playfulness in bed?  Fret not because these 7 hot sex games can help you add some excitement and enjoyment to your hot sesh;

  1. Sexopoly game

This game is a spin-off of the famous Monopoly board game.   In the fame, you need to create your sexy businesses to win. It also requires you to answer several questions, which aim to stimulate your sexual desire.

  1. ‘Try Not To Have’ sex game

Weird as it sounds, this game will definitely bring something new to your relationship.

In playing the game, you are prohibited to get laid. This is where the fun comes into scene. Your main objective here is to seduce your lover into initiating the first sexual move and vice versa. Whoever loses will actually initiate the hot session.

  1. Strip questions

If you have played strip poker before, then you know how this game goes. However, you don’t need to use cards to play it. Instead, you have to throw personal questions to each other. If the other player answered wrongly, they have to drink a glass of tequila and remove one of their clothes.

  1. You’ve Got 30 seconds

Are you searching for a daring yet simple game? Here’s You’ve Got 30 seconds game to spare you from too much guesswork. Go grab a timer and set it for 30 seconds. Your lover got 30 seconds to seduce or pleasure you in any way. Take note that you can’t give commands or even speak if it is not your turn until your 30 seconds is done. The game focuses more on foreplay, which is a good thing.

  1. Light As a Feather

Buy a seductive feather from a sex shop. To play the game, you need to make your lover cum with this feather only. You are not allowed to use tongue, hands or even penis.  The more you avoid the private parts, the better.

What’s the purpose of the game? It will force you to enjoy it and reach your peak slowly. Aside from that, Light As a Feather lets you discover new techniques and erogenous zone your lover will surely love.

  1. Basic Bondage

Do you want to try something kinky? Why not purchase a simple bondage kit intended for beginners?

To use it as a game, begin by letting your partner handcuff you. After that, put the blindfold over your lover’s eyes. Don’t do anything sexual yet. Give him/her a massage first, enabling her to engage with her senses. This can significantly help you establish a constant communication, making you feel more connected.

  1. Position of the Day

Say bye to the same old cowgirl and missionary routine. Invest in these playing cards to give your sex routine a makeover.

You cannot always use Google before sex to know what new position you and your partner can try. It’s way hotter to create a game out of this, pulling a card seductively from your stack.

Restore the lost passion in your relationship through these sex games. They will give you an opportunity to explore your sexual fantasies, making your sexy times more thrilling than ever.