6 Practical Reasons Why You Should Not Have Sex Until You Get Married

Most people that will tell you not to have sex until marriage probably haven’t had a lot of sex outside of marriage. Perhaps, they would give you an answer like it’s a sin or you’re breaking the commandment or something that might not make a lot of sense to you.

Today, we are going to explain to you very practically why you should wait to have sex before marriage. Whether you choose to do it or not, that’s up to you. But hopefully, after reading this article, you see why it just makes sense to wait.

Everybody Else Is Doing It

In recent statistic, the average American goes on three dates before having sex. In another stat, the average rate of divorce in this country is around 50%. The interesting question is, of the 50% that are still married, what percentage of them is happy? We suspect that the number is pretty low. If that were true, that would mean that your chances of getting married and being happier are one in ten if you go about it the way that everybody else does.

Talk Is Cheap

Ladies listen, guys are good salesmen. They’ll tell you that they love you and they might even mean it when they say it. But if they will wait to marry you to have sex with you, they probably mean it. Think how fast you can go through the number of guys to find your prince charming that actually does mean it and guess what? The right man is going to be a lot happier that you didn’t sleep with all those guys on the way.

Physical Attraction Wears Off

There’s a saying, “Show me the hottest girl in the world and I’ll show you a guy that’s tired of sleeping with her.” While this is a terrible saying, there’s some truth in it. When you somehow find yourself in a relationship with that person, the physical attraction fades because you never connect with them on a deeper level.


There’s always a chance you can make a baby when you have sex. If you’re having sex outside of marriage, there’s probably a pretty good chance that at least one of you aren’t sure if you want to spend the rest of your life with the other.

Sex Connects Us

This one is a simple biology. During sex, there’s a hormone release called oxytocin. It makes women connect to men and it makes men protective over women. If you connect to someone that you’re not in love with, don’t start complaining when shit starts falling apart in your relationship. Plus, studies reported that having multiple sex partners increases the risk of divorce.

Easy To Gain, Easy To Lose

There’s another saying that goes, “What we obtained too easily, we esteem too lightly.” What it means is that if something doesn’t cost you something, you don’t appreciate it that much. How easy would it be for a person that had sex with someone after three days to throw the relationship away and start over with someone when things go wrong?

Truth be told, the real reason that people don’t wait isn’t because they don’t believe it’s right, it’s because it’s hard.