5 Penis Empowerment Tips

Men should not feel bad about the size of their penises. It’s not coming from a masculine male perspective, it’s a deep psychological mindset just as most women like to be thought of as beautiful, alluring and feminine. It just makes men feel more powerful in bed and in everyday life.

FACT: Most men in general, gain more self confidence if they perform sexually to their fullest potential. That means that they like longer lasting erections, ejaculate more semen and seek to have a bigger penis. Every man, including you, can improve your staying power, sexual energy, sexual capabilities, the quantity of your semen and definitely, the size of your penis.

Let’s dig down the seven penis empowerment tips;

Revitalize Your Physical And Emotional Health

The first important task in order to improve your sexual power is to revitalize your health, emotionally and physically. Good health is a fundamental aspect of having a well-functioning penis, beneficial semen and high sex drive. In fact, a low sex drive is always an indication of a physical and mental illness. Improve your health by changing your diet, drinking 3 liters of water every day and doing exercises that help you to connect with your whole body. It’s also imperative to evaluate your stress level.

Boost Your Penis Size Through Massage, Herbs And Discipline

The right kind of massage in combination with the right kind of herbs and discipline will help you to increase your penis size and sensibility. Men who practice this method on a regular basis have reported that they could boost the length and girth of their penis up to 2 inches. It’s like the process of expanding and strengthening the body muscle.

Strengthen Erection By Massaging The Testicles

Another important part of a man’s penis is the testicles. Massaging your testicles will help in producing more testosterone, boosting seminal fluids, strengthening erections, and heightening your sexual energy. Try to do it by yourself. Massage your balls and you will always have some very interesting effects.

Masturbate Only To Stimulate, Not Ejaculate

Did you know that masturbation desensitizes your magic wand? During sex, particularly for men above 30 years old, it’s getting more difficult each year to maintain an erection if the partner you are with is not applying the same pressure, movement and speed that you were using during masturbation. On one hand, masturbate only to the point of stimulation, not onto the point of ejaculation. This will help you to increase your sexual momentum, the amount of sexual fluid as well as helps to reverse the desensibilization.

Make Your Semen Better

Have you ever really looked at your semen? Smelled it? Have it tested? If not, then we suggest you do so next time. To most women, it’s really important how your semen taste and smell. If your semen looks thick, white and has a mildly tasting odor, you are one lucky and healthy man. But if your semen taste rather bitter, salty and looks slightly grayish, clear or watery, then this is the sign of illness, alcoholism or excessive dissipation. In this case, you need to heal physically and mentally by exercising more, eating healthier food options and looking into your mental health.