The porn industry is enjoying record highs when it comes to every facet of it. Presently, pornography is making more money than the NBA, MLB and NFL combined. They are also experiencing historically soaring numbers in viewership. Some adult sites tend to have more than a million visitors per day. With so many people viewing hardcore porn material, there are bounds to be issues. One of them is the rise in revenge porn. As of now, there are hundreds of adult websites which cater to bringing people the best in revenge porn. Some of the sites are very popular since the genre has a large following.

Revenge Porn Videos

The premise behind revenge porn is showing material that one of the two people in the sex content participated in. You may also run into porn where threesomes or gangbangs take place as well. This tends to happen with couples who are swingers. Or whenever two people want to bring a third person in the sex act. A particular scenario is when someone in the relationship wants to bring another individual in the mix. Most guys fantasize of having sex with two girls at the same time. In some cases, they convince their girlfriend, wife or partner to agree. Of course you could also have two guys and a girl threesome.

There are other instances where someone may have recorded a couple having sex and uploaded the porn video to one of these sites. For example, if a man or woman suspects his or her partner is cheating, they could set up a hidden camera to catch them in the act. Out of anger or for revenge, the person will end up sharing the sexual act with others. The web is full of caught on camera hardcore porn videos. Some of those trending feature babysitters having sex with a person in the home they worked in. In all, there are several different forms or situations which result in creating a reason behind the vengeful act.

While the causes behind why people do it varies, the issue why there is so much of this type of porn found does as well. Part of it stems from the rise in devices which are able to record. They can be mobile phones, tablets, webcams, laptops or something else. No matter which kind, people have access to these recording devices like never before. Since so many of the individuals engaged in sex acts are able to make video recordings of themselves or others, you get millions of videos like footjob porn. Another interesting factor is the role love plays. Whenever two people are in love, they want to record themselves doing it. Or at least you may have one person – typically the male – who wants to record himself fucking his partner.

Generally, the majority of women tend to be reluctant about being recorded at first. After all, they may feel as if they do not want a porn video of themselves floating around. Other times, the women tend to go along and actually look forward to having the sexual adventure taped. The females who reluctantly agree to being filmed, typically do so because they are smitten or in love. And as we all know, people do lots of crazy things when they are in love or infatuated with someone. While all that is well and good at first, the situation may change once problems in the relationship begin. A couple may break up and then the other keeps the homemade porn recording. However, when the breakup takes place under circumstances that are bad such as cheating, the other party will then begin the revenge porn act.

Still, not all the vengeful porn found online is put there by the those who are on the video. You have situations when a friend may share with another the sex tape of themselves having sex. In turn, that friend either uploads it to a porn site, social media site or sends it to another individual. Somehow, it finally winds up in an adult site. Keep in mind though, that not all the supposed hardcore revenge porn found online is actually real. That is not to say the sex taking place is not authentic. But, that both parties fucking in the video don’t mind that the porn content has found itself online.

That still won’t stop the person who uploads it from calling it revenge porn or tagging it as such. After all, the genre is very popular so they know it will get tons of views that way. In the end, people have to remember that just like a tattoo that is forever, so is whatever porn video they make of themselves The only difference is that a sexual recording can wind up on a porn site going viral and getting millions of views.

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